Friday, September 23, 2011

Black Friday Deals for Urban Chicken Lovers

Black Friday deals on urban chicken coops? Yes, indeed! If you've been sitting on the sidelines of the urban chicken movement waiting for an incentive to buy your coop and chicks in advance of the 2011 season, now's your chance.
Omlet is having a Black Friday sale on all their Eglu coops, offering $200 off an Eglu Classic, $100 off an Eglu Cube and $50 off an Eglu Go. You'll recall that I got started with urban chickens thanks to an orange Eglu Classic, and I'm a huge fan of the design and simplicity of these robust plastic is offering $25 toward the 2011 chicks with the purchase of any coop (including their overstock coops on sale). They've also got all kinds of fun gifts for chicken lovers.While most of us don't really start planning for next year's garden until the turn of the year, if you do a little planning ahead (like: now) you could save a lot of money on backyard-fresh eggs for next summer.

Happy Holidays to you!

DISCLOSURE: I don't receive any commission on any sales from Omlet or MyPetChicken, I'm just a huge fan of their businesses and all they've done to keep the urban chicken movement growing strong. Please support them this holiday season.

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